Refurbished Turbines

Our commitment to the environment goes beyond putting up new wind turbines to generate earth-friendly power. It extends to what happens to old turbines. We believe many older turbines have years of electricity-production potential.

Proven operation and attractive pricing make our used wind turbines a great alternative for electricity consumers who are looking to offset their utility bills with clean, reliable, wind energy.

Our refurbished 40 kW Aeromans produce between 35,000–85,000 kWH a year, depending on the wind resource. These wind turbines are NOT suited to your average homeowner, who only uses around 10,000 kWH per year, but are a great fit for medium-sized consumers like farmers with large irrigation loads, industrial users, or manufactured home parks located in windy areas. Every refurbished Aeroman comes with a 1 year limited parts warranty.

We can help you save money on your utility bill; request a quote by calling (208) 477-1256