Plant Maintenance

We foster long-term partnerships with other companies to help them maintain their windfarms. Our high safety standards, creative ingenuity, and diligent workforce produce excellent results.

Plant Optimisation

Dedicated Technicians

Our technicians provide specialized expertise honed from years of experience and training. Whether you’re experiencing issues with an older Vestas turbine, or a newer GE, we will correctly diagnose and fix the problem.

At Your Service

If you’re experiencing a maintenance issue, we’ll help you find the solution. Call (208) 377-7777.

Decades of Experience

Windland was founded in 1982 at the inception of the wind industry. Over the years, we’ve seen what works, and learned how to improve what doesn’t. We can troubleshoot small circuit boards or replace major turbine components, whether on a 100 kW-class turbines or a 1.5 MW turbine.