A pioneer in the industry

Developing a commercial windfarm is a lengthy, complex, and expensive undertaking. Our goal is to make the development process pain-free for landowners. Windland has been actively involved in the wind industry since 1982; we have the expertise to guide your wind project to success.

What can Windland do for you?

Resource Identification & Evaluation

A wind power plant isn’t feasible without a windy site. Windland conducts sophisticated studies using the latest technologies, including advanced anemometry and SODAR devices. Windland answers the question, “How much wind is enough?”

Wind Rights Leasing

Over the years, Windland has negotiated long-term leases with landowners. Windland is uniquely positioned to accommodate landowners’ concerns regarding the design, construction, and operation of a windfarm.

Siting & Land Use

The list of hurdles to establish a wind power plant is long. Environmental concerns, sound ordinances, and transmission constraints are only a few of the barriers a wind developer must overcome. Windland has the experience and expertise to locate its projects for success.


The permitting process requires careful attention. Windland conducts open forums to solicit community input.  Listening to residents’ feedback fosters better projects and produces strong grassroots support, which makes it easy for counties, cities, and other regulators to embrace our wind projects.

Project Design &
Turbine Selection

Long term weather patterns, turbine selection, and environmental and topographic constraints must be factored into the final layout of a project. Windland uses sophisticated design programs and industry experts to ensure our projects are poised for success.

Transmission Design
& Interconnection

A comprehensive understanding of local and regional transmission patterns, utility regulations, and power planning is crucial to siting a project. Windland’s long history and experience in the industry ensures that our projects move forward on the leading edge of technology.

Power Purchase Agreements

Power purchase agreements are lengthy and detailed by necessity. Understanding the intricacies of the agreement is crucial to the success of a project. Windland brings the experience of applying to, and being selected by, various utilities for its projects.


Wind energy financing is a difficult undertaking for developers, involving complicated debt structures and requiring an understanding of government grants and guarantees. When negotiating financing terms for banks, Windland is fortunate to have a strong financial statement to accompany its years of experience in the wind industry.


To Windland, “safety” is a commitment to our employees and company partners to exercise diligence and caution.  We believe that safety starts at the outset of a project, before construction has even begun. Windland’s lease agreements, insurance policies, and purchase agreements all incorporate strict standards for safety. Safety meetings and proper training ensure we follow those standards to protect our most valuable asset, our employees.


Windland’s construction experience began in in the early 1980’s when turbines were sited very close together as “Wind Walls” to maximize wind capture. Throughout the years, turbines have become much larger and more efficient, and spacing them correctly requires precision. Windland is pleased to work with only the most experienced and qualified construction contractors to attend to all the construction details.

Environmental Stewardship

We believe it is both an obligation and a privilege to steward the environment. We desire to preserve the trust others have placed in us. With a spirit of excellence, we diligently conduct extensive environmental studies so our projects produce electricity in a manner that is both pollution-free and safe for the environment.